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Help Us Improve Your Claim...


Help us improve your claim’s experience!



Making a claim can be a very worrying and emotional time and we want to make sure that the claims you hand in are processed as quickly as possible, helping to reduce some of the stress and worry.




Provide your insurance policy documentation. This is the letter/pack you will have been sent when you started or renewed your insurance policy. This allows us to check who you are insured with and what type of policy you have.



Know your excess amount and how much you have to spend as some policies have co-payments with ongoing deductions that you need to pay. A co-payment is a % of the cost of treatment that your insurance will not pay. E.G. The insurance may deduct 20% off a bill of £100 leaving £20 for you to pay.



Ensure you have filled in the claim form in full including your policy number and signature. This is your consent to allow us to process the invoice/claim form on your behalf.



Every time we process an invoice we need a claim form. Please provide claim forms at each visit to speed up the claims process. Our insurance team need a claim form to be able to process a claim so we would rather have too many that not enough!



Pease be aware that we work as a third party on your behalf providing the insurance company with the invoices and clinical history. If any problems occur or we need policy information, please contact your insurance company 1st. We are more than happy to provide assistance when needed but insurance companies apart from PETPLAN require you to give consent for our team here at Abbey Vets to discuss your policy.



ease note that you are responsible for paying your excess and any items that are not covered by your insurance policy within 30 days of the deductions made.



Unfortunately, we are unable to process direct claims for E&L (equine and livestock) or any companies underwritten by them.


Many Thanks Abbey Vets Insurance Team