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Insurance Q&A

•My insurance company said they will do a direct claim but my vet wont?

Any insurance company will do a direct claim with the vet but this does NOT mean liablitly of the claim. The insurance company may still decline the claim then you would then have a bill to pay that you cant afford.


•Why do I have to keep on signing claim forms?

Each time we submit an invoice we must have a signed claim form. The signed claim form gives your consent for the vets to process the invoice and also the insurance company to accept the claim. We can send off as many claim forms as needed there is no charge for this.


•When can we do a direct claim?

Abbey Vets insurance protocol is:

*treatment amounts over £200 that have been approved by our insurance administrator

*Pre-authorisation claim has been approved

*In an emergency we can contact the insurance company and check the policy is valid


•Why do I keep having to pay part of the claim. I pay enough to the insurance company!?

Unfortunately any insurance deductions must be paid with in 30days of notification. Most insurance companies deduct an excess per claim. For ongoing/continuation claims an excess will be deducted each policy year.

Once your pet reaches a certain age the insurance company may request a % of treatment as a co-payment. This means any treatment claimed for the insurance will deduct 10 or 30% (or what amount is on your policy) that you will need to pay.

Any insurance deduction is nothing to do with Abbey Vets as we are only acting on your behalf so deductions need to be paid by yourself.


•My insurance is so expensive I want to change companies!

We advise when changing insurance providers to be cautious. If your pet suffers from a ongoing problem the new insurer will class this as pre-existing and not be covered.

If treatment occurred years ago such as a mass removal the new insurer may place an exclusion on your policy for that type of mass or masses in general. Providing your new insurer with the full clinical history at the start of the policy can ensure no exclusions are put on the policy but if any are you are aware of that before continuing with your new insurance.

A change in policy is your decision and we can not accept liability for any policy outcomes.


•How long will it take to get my money back?

Unfortunately there is no set time. We process claims here at Abbey Vets 3 times a week so we process claims as quickly as possible. Once the claim has been sent the process with each insurance company differs quite a lot, some can take 7-10 days others take 4-6 weeks.


•Will my insurance cover for a dental?

Dental cover completely depends on your policy. Most will compnaies will cover for trauma/injury to the mouth/teeth. Gingivitis (bleeding around the gums) may be covered but most insurers require your pet to have an annual vet check. This proves that the dogs teeth were healthy before the insurance started. This is normally done at when your pet has had a booster vaccination. Please ensure to follow veterinary advise as if you were advised to have a dental in 2015 but only book in 2 years later they may not cover.

Please check your policy documents if you think you may be covered we would advise a pre authorisation claim to be processed to ensure a direct claim.