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Pet Insurance



£10 charge per condition for NEW direct claims

£25 one off charge for NEW lifetime claims

No charge for claims payable to clients or if you are part of the PHC

For clients who already have ongoing lifetime claims they will not be charged only NEW claims will be subject to charges as above


We offer Petplan 4 weeks’ FREE insurance for dogs, cats and rabbits 6 weeks to 1 year of age. Simply fill in a form at reception, there is no obligation to stay with Petplan but they will contact you with a quote for you to extend your insurance cover.


We treat insured and non-insured clients the same but we do recommend insurance to all our clients. We understand costs can become a factor and veterinary treatments are becoming more advanced with specialist referral centres in our area and insurance can take the pressure off providing these services.


We prefer clients to pay us directly for treatment and then process the claim on your behalf. We do not charge for any claims done payable to yourself. We are willing to do direct claims for treatment that exceed £200. The direct claim has to be authorised by our insurance administrator before treatment commences.

We do have a £10 admin charge for each condition when processing a direct claim.

If your pet has a lifelong condition that will need repeat medication, we will charge a one off £25 admin charge for claims paid direct to us. This will then allow continuation claims to be processed for as long as the medication is needed.


Please note that PET HEALTH CLUB members get free direct claims as part of the plan.


When a direct claim is authorised, an excess must be paid at time of treatment if this is unknown we will ask for £100. Any insurance deductions must be paid in full within 30 days from notification.

We act on your behalf providing your insurance company with an invoice, full clinical history and claim form, any deductions made are between you and your insurer. Each insurance company provide a range of policies and its impossible for us to know your policy exactly so you must contact your insurance directly should any query arise.


Please provide a claim form making sure the policyholder fills in the correct details and SIGNS the claim form. The signature provides us with your consent to process the claim without this the insurance company will not process anything.

Some insurance companies require claims to be submitted within 60 days of the treatment commencing please check your policy and provide the correct information so we can ensure the claims are submitted in time.

For direct claims please make sure claim forms are handed in on a regular basis failure to do this may result in you having to pay for the treatment yourself.


We aim to email/text clients to inform the status of your claim, please ensure reception have your correct details when submitting a claim form.


Unfortunately, we are UNABLE to do ANY DIRECT claims with E&L or any company underwritten by them.  


If you have a claim form being processed by us and have received an email or text from us but nothing from your insurance company, please you’re your insurance company a ring.


For any insurance, related queries please contact Emma at our CLS branch on 0191 3871881 (Option 2) or email